Thursday, 21 June 2012

Superheroes v Villains - DC Comics Hero(ine)

Hi Goddesses

Oh, this excites me !!!!

When I was little, I LOVED Wonder Woman.  Thought Lynda Carter was the prettiest woman on the planet.   Played her every lunchtime in the school playground.  Ugh, LOVED HER.

To be honest, now, all these years later, there's very little I can remember about Wonder Woman and the "plots" lol, although like many others, I have no problem remembering the costume!

It's mainly the costume that's on my nails.  We have -
* thumb - Wonder Woman logo
* index - her hairband - was it also a weapon / boomerang ?
* middle - her bustier
* ring - her knickers
* pinkie - her silver cuffs

I have to say, I have actually impressed myself with this - can you imagine the mess this would have been 8 months ago lol.  The knickers were stamped with Mash49, which I also used for the stars on the headband and cuff.

I particularly love the bustier and the gold encased knockers lol - did YOU know it had the emblem of an eagle on it ?

I absolutely LOVED wearing this mani, AND people guessed with ease what this one was !  I also loved it, because it gave me an excuse to sing "Wonder Woman" all day long and annoy people at work, as well as wearing my Wonder Woman hair band (which YES I do wear at work, and yes my team DO think I am mad!).

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